The Armchair Activist’s Handbook

My first book, The Armchair Activist’s Handbook, was published by Silvertail Books on 5 August. It offers ideas for alternative activism away from traditional chants-and-banners protest, and follows my own journey from being a disillusioned journalist to someone taking positive action for change.

If you’ve come here to find more information on the projects, people and issues mentioned in the book, the list below offers some pointers (I’ve got a new website launching soon that should make these details easier to sift through).

Handy links, by chapter:

Chapter 1: Food Fight!
Featured campaigns:

Big Barn – a local food outlet locator

Chagfood CSA

Fruit City – tree finder for London


Hackney Harvest

Growing Communities CSA

Growington food swaps

Incredible Edible Lambeth

Incredible Edible Todmorden

Urban Harvest foraging

Veg Exchange food swap


Extra help:

Abundance project listing

Community Supported Agriculture listing

Food cooperative finder

Food cooperative toolkit

Hedgerow Harvest – hedge recipes

Local Harvest – buy direct from US family farms

Neighbourhood Fruit – map of US trees and sharers

Supply Local – food finder

Wild food advice and foraging courses

Wild food school – courses, advice and free guides



Chapter 2: Battle for Planet Earth
Featured campaigns:

Backyard Gardener Seed Exchange

Blogger Seed Network

Brighton Community Energy

Brixton Community Energy

Campaign for Seed Sovereignty

Clean Sugar Campaign

Clean Sugar Campaign petition on Avaaz to stop EU subsidies to landgrabbers

Ethical Consumer palm oil campaign

Food Sovereignty Now

Good Food, Good Farming campaign

La Via Campesina

Micro Genius

Nyeleni: European Food Sovereignty Movement

Reclaim the Fields

Rainforest Foundation Palm Oil Database

Seed Savers Exchange

Seedy Sunday

Transition Network

Vanastree seed keepers


Extra help:

Co-operatives UK guide to community or cooperative energy initiatives

Christian Aid

Global Witness

Ethical Consumer boycotts page

Fuel Poverty Action

Heritage Seed Library

Open Development guide to economic land concessions



Chapter 3: Space Invaders
Featured campaigns:

Adopt a Kiosk

Alley Gardens Project

Alleyway Project

Bird Walk

Do Tank Brooklyn chair bombing

Empty Shops Network

Guerilla Gardening

Moss Cider

Pillow Fight Day

Pimp Your Pavement

Space Hijackers

Urban Love Sydney

Urban Playground Movement

Extra help:

Action for Sustainable Living Reclaim the Alleys

Creating a pop up library – Shareable magazine

Hack Your City

Ground Control by Anna Minton


Open Streets Project, US

Pop Up People report

Project Dirt – green projects network

Reclaim the Beach

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Project

Sustrans DIY Streets



Chapter 4: Naked Fashion
Featured campaigns:

Bang Bang Clothing Exchange

Beyond Skin

Clothing Exchange Australia

Designer Desires


El Naturalista

Fair Corp

Future Vintage

Hetty Rose

IOU Project

Mrs Bear’s Swap Shop

One Dress Protest

People Tree

Project 333

Revolve Boutique


The Discerning Brute


Uniform Project

Extra help:

Anti Slavery

Charity shop map for Paris

Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops

Labour Behind the Label

Find a charity shop

Op Shop (Australia)

No Logo by Naomi Klein

Style Is… online sustainable fashion store

Style With Heart ethical fashion listings for men and women

To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? by Lucy Siegle

Thriftshopper thrift store locator (US)

Thrift Stores (Canada)



Chapter 5: A Case of Affluenza
Featured campaigns:

Bertie and Bean

Body Shop

Bonafide Green Goods

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing New Month

Collaborative Consumption


Faith in Nature



International Downshifting Week

Let’s All Share


My Green Directory

Nothing Nasty

Read It Swap It

Really Really Free Market

Recycle More bank locator

Reuse Network

Rent My Items

Set Exchange

Swap Shop

Swap Tree

The Book of Rubbish Ideas

The People Who Share

The Story of Stuff


Extra help:

Abe Books – secondhand books online

Cash Generator – second-hand games, TVs, computers etc

Charity shop finder

Ethical Superstore

How Can I Recycle This?

London sustainability network

Open Shed neighbourhood sharing network (Australia)

Oui Share

Shareable magazine – the latest on the sharing economy

The Compact – staying off the consumer grid

The Non Consumer Advocate Blog


Ziilch reuse and recycling (Australia)


Chapter 6: Travel Baggage
Featured campaigns:

Bikes Alive


Bike Share Map – docking stations in real time

Bike Sharing World Map

Bike Soup

Bla Bla Bla Car

Brompton Dock network

Carbusters magazine


Catch a Ride

Car Next Door

Car Plus

Critical Mass world directory

Cycle Training


Get Around

Give Up Your Car campaign

Go Get Car Share

Going Going Bike


Llani Car Club


National Car Share

Once Ridden


Sustrans free cycle maps


World Carfree Day

World Carfree Network

Zip Car

Extra help:

Byke peer-to-peer rental

Cycling campaigns worldwide

Liquid peer-to-peer bike rentals

Living Streets – campaign for putting people first

Map My Ride

Meep Meep moving service



Chapter 7: Crafty Tactics
Featured campaigns:

Craftivist Collective

Craftivist collectives worldwide

Dilly Tante

Hats 4 Heroes

Hats 4 The Homeless

International Yarnbombing Day

Knitted Knockers

Knit One Give One

Knit The City

Micro Revolt


Revolutionary Knitting Circle

Reykjavik Underground Yarnstormers

Seattle’s YarnCore Collective

Yarn Storming Knitwork

Extra help:

How To Guide on Yarnbombing

Knitting for Good! A guide to creating personal, social and political change stitch by stitch by Betsy Greer

Needlecraft supplies


Chapter 8: It’s All About the Money
Featured campaigns:

Bank Transfer Day


Brixton Pound



LETS international

The Lewes Pound

Move Your Money UK

Move Your Money Project

Positive Money campaign

Extra help:

Community Development Financial Institutions

Corporate Ethics: Canadian Tar Sands

Find your local credit union UK

Find your local credit union USA

Guidance on setting up a local currency

The Good Banking Forum

War on Want

Regiogeld network (in German only)


Chapter 9: Clicktivism and Beyond
Featured campaigns:

38 degrees


Avaaz Community Petitions

Blog Action Day

Buzz Bnk

Campaigns By You, 38 Degrees



Ethical Travel blog


Global Voices


i Petitions

Indie Go Go

Riot Clean Up


Start Some Good

Threatened Voices



We Will Gather

Extra help:


Digital activism directory

Meta Activism Blog

Notes on Digital Activism